Pin-Up's Promo Codes and Bonuses

Pin-Up's promo codes and campaign terms may change or be updated from time to time. Therefore, we recommend visiting the Pin-Up India website for the most up-to-date information on current promo codes and bonuses.

Join Pin-Up now and benefit from promo codes, bonuses, and an exciting gaming experience. Try your luck at the Pin-Up casino platform and start your gaming adventure today!

Account Verification No Deposit Bonus

  • Account Verification No Deposit Bonus

  • Follow the steps below to win 30 no deposit free spins in the Pin-Up Sweets game:

  • Verify your email address or phone number.
  • Upload pictures of your own documents.
  • When your account status is "Verified," 30 free spins will be automatically added to your account.
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We Welcome You with 25,000 INR + 250 FS

  • Game

  • We are happy to welcome new players to Pin-Up and offer them a 25,000 INR + 250 FS welcome bonus!

    After creating your account, you can get a 120% bonus by making a deposit within the first hour. If you exceed this time, you will receive a 100% bonus. Additionally, when you deposit ₺ 100 or more, you will earn an extra 250 FS.


Birthday Gift

  • Birthday Gift

  • We love celebrating birthdays, and that's why at Pin-Up.Casino, we're giving you a 500 INR bonus on your birthday or within 7 days before/after your birthday!

    Follow the steps below to get the bonus:

  • Verify your account using the special form in the profile section.
  • Send a photo of your identity document.
  • Fill in all fields in the profile section.
  • Confirm your email address.

Weekly Loss Bonus

  • Weekly Loss Bonus

  • Every Monday, you can get a loss bonus of up to 25,000 INR based on your net losses from the previous week!

    The refund rates are as follows:

    • 5% refund for losses over 1000 INR,
    • 7% refund for losses over 5000 INR,
    • 10% refund for losses over 25,000 INR.

    The maximum winning limit is x10. For example, if you received a 1000 INR refund and placed bets with this bonus, and in the end, you won 100,000 INR. However, after the bets are settled, a maximum of 1000 INR x 10, which is 10,000 INR, will be transferred to your main account.